Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


In the Wake of Tragedy

In the wake of the April 19, 2020 NS mass shooting, our community came together with candles and solemn prayers under a brilliant sunset. Highland Park resident, Victoria Ettinger, honoured the victims and their loved ones with a beautiful video tribute that really brought our community together. With her blessing and permission, we have added the video here so we can always remember the families of the victims in this senseless tragedy.

Timberlane Terrace Park

The Highland Park Ratepayers Association has been working with the HRM Parks and Recreation Department to develop the Timberlane Terrace Park. The designated 4.5 acre parcel of land was left undeveloped, and designated for use by residents of Highland Park for recreational purposes. Through extensive consultations between residents and the HRM, we settled on a design, and began the development process and search for funding. We have finally seen progress this winter, with the finishing touches to be completed in early spring.

The Timberlane Terrace Park is located on Timberlane Terrace, and will connect to the current tennis courts/basketball courts on Sylvania Terrace, via the existing Grant Line Trail. The HPRA hopes the park will increase community activity levels year-round, and encourage community interaction for residents of all ages and abilities.

Grant Line Trail Improvements

The second phase of our development for the Timberlane Terrace Park includes the capital improvements to the Grant Line Trail. The section between Timberlane Terrace and Hummingbird has recently received new culverts at each end. An arborist has pruned back the overgrowth and heightened the canopy. Our goal is to retain the rustic appearance and lovely tree overhang to create a secondary trail to the primary Timberlane Terrace Park trail.

Highland Park Second Exit Development

In Fall 2019, we received approval for the (long-overdue) second exit development for our Highland Park Subdivision. The HRM will proceed with the necessary surveys and funding projections through 2021.

Public safety is our top concern. The sole exit to the western section of Highland Park is at the Northwood Road and Hammonds Plains Road intersection. A single exit limits the possibility of safe evacuation for all residents west of Chalamont Drive, in the event of fire, flood, or any number of potential risks. This development will benefit all local residents. It will ensure a safer, more livable, and more sustainable community in our growing subdivision.

This second exit will also benefit all commuters along Hammonds Plains Road. As an arterial roadway with an 80km/hour speed limit, it is beneficial to reduce the congestion at the Northwood Road intersection during peak hours. A second exit will reduce the congestion created by entering and exiting the western side of the subdivision at a single entrance.