Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Friendly Reminders / Safety Tips

PLEASE report any type of Crime or Suspicious Activity to the Police. Record license plates, and/or descriptions of individuals or vehicles. We want to know what is going on in our community, no matter how big or small the issue seems.

Activate your Alarm Systems on your House or Vehicle, if you have one.

Lock your Garage or Shed!

Do not leave Bicycles, ATVs, Tools, etc. outside or unlocked.

Install motion sensor lights outside or leave on an outside light overnight.

Trim any large hedges or bushes to avoid concealment of a suspect.

We do not recommend leaving ANYTHING in your vehicles overnight (not even in the trunk).

Lock your car doors! If you choose to leave them unlocked, do not leave anything of value inside.

Consider joining the Citizens on Patrol. Be Proactive and help make our Communities Safer!!!  

Constable Susan Camus
Tantallon Community Police Officer


Unfortunately speeding is a global issue and not just one which Highland Park residents experience. Speeding is the third most common reason for motor vehicle collision fatalities.

The RCMP has deployed the radar trailer out here on several occasions and the results have indicated that the worst offenders are likely those of us who live in the subdivision, as the highest number of infractions occur at peak travel times when  residents are heading off to work or returning home.

 Please consider the safety of your community and slow down.  Although you may feel as though you are going to reach your destination a lot sooner by going an extra 10 clicks over the limit, you may actually only save a few seconds.

 If you have concerns about habitual speeders, make a note of the description of the vehicle, any regular times the driver may be on the road and if possible the licence plate number. Report the driver to the RCMP by calling the non emergency number 826-3100.  If the RCMP receive several complaints in the same area or of the same driver they will monitor the situation and follow up with the driver.  It is worth reporting the driver, as should they be stopped by law enforcement for the same offence, the officer would be more likely to issue a ticket, rather than just a warning, if they have been reported in the system.


If you have any questions about reporting speeding, call the RCMP at 826-3100. 


We share our neighbourhood with a few bears, coyotes, porcupines, raccoons and deer.  Do not leave food out, as this will attract the wildlife.  Visit this Department of Natural Resources website for lots of information on wildlife http://www.gov.ns.ca/natr/wildlife/

Consideration of Others

No sidewalks or active transportation lanes in our subdivision means that motorists should be giving extra special attention to pedestrians.  When people are jogging, on bikes, or walking their dog they could very easily trip and fall.  Please consider your fellow residents and give them a wide berth.  If you see children playing, please drive at a prudent speed.


There have been several concerns regarding burning of brush etc. in the subdivision over the last year or so.  Please read the Burning Bylaw before burning anything on your property.  http://www.halifax.ca/legislation/bylaws/hrm/documents/By-LawO-109.pd

Remember; there shall be NO OPEN AIR BURNING WITHIN 75 FEET OF ANY DWELLING OR ACCESSORY BUILDING, which inhibits many residents from open air burning in the older parts of the subdivision.

 Remember to keep your eavestroughs free of debris, as well as the area where decks are attached to the house where leaves collect.  These are easily ignited by flyers embers.  Visit the following website for some useful information on how to protect your property http://www.halifax.ca/fireprevention/