Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Director Guidelines

As a Director of the Highland Park Rate Payer's Association, you have a responsibility to the members of the Association to ensure that all HPRPA affairs are conducted in an honest and lawful way, in accordance with the bylaws of the Association. By virtue of having been elected a Director, you have the responsibility to interpret and carry out the desires of the membership to the best of your ability. In a general sense, these desires are expressed through the bylaws and through the approved budget.

As the affairs of the Association are primarily conducted in monthly Board of Director meetings, your attendance is imperative. Many of the agenda items are sensitive in nature, and you are expected to use good judgement in discussing these items outside of Board meetings. In particular, the source of any complaint received by any member of the Board and subsequently brought before the Board for consideration shall remain confidential to the Board. Any Board member who violates this confidentiality will be expected to offer their resignation from the Board.

Board meetings shall be conducted in a fair and open way where varying opinions are welcome and encouraged. All important decisions, including all decisions on the expenditure of money, will be made by motion. The voted outcome of any motions will be taken as the decision of the Board.

Correspondence using the letterhead of the Association, or implying that the author is speaking on behalf of the Association, should always be approved by a member of the Executive and sent by the Secretary. In extraordinary circumstances, where this is not possible, and where the correspondence cannot be delayed, the author should have the correspondence reviewed and agreed by at least one other Board member before it is sent. In all cases, copies of all correspondence sent and/or received shall be given to the Secretary for filing.

All expenditures of money shall be approved by the Board. However, the Board may, at its discretion, approve a maximum expenditure for a project or committee, so that every expenditure for that project or committee need not be brought before the Board. All cheques issued by the Association shall be prepared by the Treasurer and signed in accordance with the Board's current signing authority directive. All expenditures made by any Board member must be supported by receipts.