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Timberlane Terrace Park Construction Commences

Posted by highlandparknewsns on January 26, 2020 at 2:45 PM Comments comments ()

We are happy to announce there has been great progress on our Timberlane Terrace Park this past week! The weather was in our favour, and we have high hopes for a spring or early summer completion.

Timberlane Park

Posted by highlandparknewsns on September 20, 2017 at 7:55 AM Comments comments ()
Hello neighbours. Thank you for participating in the survey for the Timberlane Park development. There were a lot of great ideas submitted for HRM'S consideration and we will keep you updated on the results.

Timberlane Park

Posted by highlandparknewsns on September 7, 2017 at 6:45 PM Comments comments ()
Hello Highland Park Neighbours. Highland Park has �??HRM green space�?� areas that have been developed for use by all Highland Park. For some time, we have discussed at the AGM the 4.2-acre space located on Timberlane Terrace for development. We have attempted to start small with a parking lot and culvert, but this has not been successful. The process at HRM has been changing over the years, how to develop as well as who development requests should go to for action. The development has been further impacted with the fact that rate payer�??s associations are no longer common practice in HRM. We are happy to announce that we now have the attention of the Park Development team with HRM and they are interested in using the Timberlane space as a �??Pilot Project�?� for their department. The pilot being the process on how to develop park lands in subdivisions. What does this mean? The right department is looking at the land and they will help us create a business plan and design which we can take to HRM council to request funding. The goal is to create a space that offers proper buffers for surrounding houses, as well as a space that residents are invested in. These were their observations/comments from our recent meeting: 1) We�??ll be classifying this park as a Community Park which is part of a decentralized park system for the Highland Park Community. 2) The park scores well for land capability. 3) We�??re attempting to merge Timberlane Terrace Park with the Old Grant Line Road and the Sylvania Terrace Park to form one community park. 4) With your recreation needs assessment help, we plan on preparing a concept plan this autumn for the park that shows how the spaces in the park can be arranged and what areas should remain natural. Emphasis will be on a park entrance, connecting to the Sylvania Terrace sport court, and buffering the park so that we remain good neighbours. 5) Building something on the park will most likely not happen until 2019. This is where you come in. Please take the time to reply to the questions below: 1. Do you use the public park areas in the neighbourhood and how often? 2. What do you think would be the two best uses for the Timberlane Parkland space which would benefit our residents, family and friends? (Indicate the season of preference and use for the space ie: recreation needs like winter use, play for young kids, nature education, places for spectators to watch play areas, dog agility exercise, etc) 3. What type of space can add a little extra something to Highland Park? 4. What changes would most improve this neighbourhood? Expectations: Where this is a pilot, we don�??t know how it is going to play out. The HRM staff take a lot of things into consideration, like what already exists, what the land is best suited for, what is the overall HRM park strategy and finally what we want. We are asking for your input for data collection. We will not be able to action all suggestions. We will be providing updates through social media, our web-site and at the annual AGM.