Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Minutes from the 2012 - 2nd attempt Highland Park Rate Payers AGM



Wednesday April 11, 2012 7:30 PM

2nd attempt – quorum met

Super Store Community Room, Tantallon


I.                   730 pm Call to order 

a.      Introduction of directors and acting directors


II.                 Approval Minutes from 2011 Annual General Meeting

a.      Motion to approve – Kelly Bush

                                                                                                                          i.      Second Pamela Craig


III.              Officer Nominations

a.      Motion to elect Heather Perks as President for 1 year – Stephanie Adams

                                                                                                                          i.      Second Heidie Firth

b.      Motion to elect Kelly Bush as vice chair - Pamela Craig

                                                                                                                          i.      Second Heather Perks


IV.              Treasurer’s report

a.      Motion to accept budget as corrected – Kelly Bush

                                                                                                                          i.      Second JoeHan

                                                Financial Report:

             HPRPA Approved Financial Statement AGM.pdf



V.                Old business

Greater Hammonds Plains Residence association - Heather explained we need a second volunteer to represent Highland Park on the GHPRS to back fill for Stephanie Adams in case she is unable to attend.  Barry Zwicker and Angela Thornhill volunteered.


Heather presented 2 quotes for landscaping around the new Highland Park signs.

Questions were taken and the budget adjusted to accommodate the quote from Kynock Resources Limited.


Discussion regarding the development of Timberlane Terrace.  Heather Perks explained a residence survey was conducted and walking trails within the park were the most popular request.  The directors are hoping we can work these request into any plan for development in that area.  We had a general discussion regarding the possibilities and potential grant options to help pay for this multi year project.  Funding for this year is laid out in the budget.


Speeding and road conditions in the park – concerns were raised about speeding on Hummingbird Lane. Residents were reminded to call 490-4000 (HRM) to register issues with the city. 

VI.       Additional Business

Spring Park clean up is set for June 8-9 in conjunction with clean Nova Scotia

Community Yard Sale set for June 16 – 17 (10am – 2 pm)

The directors are looking into family related activity for the park – an outdoor movie night has been suggested in the past and the directors will be looking into this.

A resident requested upgrades to the playground equipment on Sunnyview Terrace. Playground equipment upgrades are done by the city and on a priority basis.  It was explained that the city did a recent upgrade to the park.  It was mentioned that some of the playground equipment was potentially a safety concern.  Residents reminded to call 490-4000(HRM) to register these issues.  Additional upgrades can be considered in the residence association budget. 

A request for signage for the ball park was made.  The director will review this request.

A resident brought to our attention a Rockcliffe rental property which appears to be operating as a scrap yard.  Guest speaker HRM Councillor Peter Lund was interested in this scrap yard operator as he believes he moved from another area within Hammonds Plains.  The complainant was asked to register the issue with HRM by calling 490-4000 and Counselor Lund will be following up on the matter.

VII.      Guest Speaker Counselor Peter Lund

Councillor Lund took questions and concerns about the quality of snow removal this year.  Although the snow was light Councillor Lund said he had received many more complaints than last year. Councillor Lund asked if sand had been used on the roads in the subdivision – the consensus was that it was not or that very little had been used.  He is having discussion with the HRM Winter Works Committee regarding the curbs and shoulder damage in the subdivision.   

Multi year plan for HP Road has been designed by the North West Community Council. The plan includes widening the road where paving or resurfacing occurs, lighting, bike lanes and by-laws to address truck traffic on the road.

Stop lights are being installed at the corner of Glen Arbour and Hammonds Plans road – cost is being covered by the developer.

General discussion on the highway 101 interchange with connections to Hammonds Plains Road.

VII.      Adjournment 9:04pm

Reminded everyone that in addition to our website: https://www.highlandparknews.ca/

HPRA is also on






Minutes from Meeting January, 2011

Highland Park Ratepayers Association

33rd Annual General Meeting


·        Sunday January 30, 2011

·        2:00 PM

·        Tantallon Public Library

Meeting Minutes


·         Call to order  (1410)

·         Approval of Last Director’s Meeting Minutes

o   Firth  - Parker

·         Chairperson’s Welcome

·         Treasurer’s report


Olaf Berghaus, Gary Grant

Special resolution – Pam explained, regulations re: having two directors instead of paying auditor. 

Rob Petch

Heather Perks 


Stephanie Adams

·         Old business

o   Citizens on Patrol (presented by Gordon Whitehead)

Christina introduced Mr. Whitehead

Tantallon Citizens on Patrol Association just got registered as an organization. 

Currently there are approximately 19 members:  They patrol based on two time periods

930 – 230 300 in the afternoon

            Residential - Watch for houses being cased or anything which seems out of ordinary, vehicles of suspicious nature etc., Plate numbers are sent to the RCMP

2000 -2400 or 1900-0100 Evening (teams decide how long the stay out)

Commercial business, churches, schools etc.

They operate under RCMP guidance, essentially serving as eyes and ears for police department.  It’s a Neighbourhood Watch on wheels.

Teams are made up of two people and are non confrontational.  They use police radios picked up at the station on which they can hear all police calls.  Duties may include search and rescue and they also will watch for individuals\vehicles of interest to the police.  They also provide general volunteer work for special events. 

Training is provided

                        Training requirements:

·         19yrs+

·         Finger print/security clearance

·         Basic training – on weekends different opportunities

Other Requirements:

·           Agree to min time commitment (4 hours month) and one hour a month for meeting (3rd Wednesday of month 630 at RCMP)


Mr. Whitehead passed out brochure asked for volunteers, offered ride alongs and stated gas is reimbursed.


Hopefully there will be more participation now that COPS will be reimbursed for their fuel.


Chairperson Parker

·         City Watch

Phone list for emergency situations in your area – liaison with RCMP

More info on our web site

o   Update on Timberlane Terrace (update by Heather Perks)

Land now belongs to HRM

Committee putting ideas together for land usage:

            Heather, George and Stephanie will meet to discuss

Of course not too much money so they are looking into getting local business support.

o   Update On Highland Park East Entrance Community Sign

Rob Petch reported the current sign is not repairable for less than 2000.00 and no guarantees the weather would not affect it again.  A brief discussion was held regarding placing a band around the sign, based is drilled; Jeff Brown thinks we could get sign drilled gratuitous.  Jeff asked if we were insured, we are not. 

Heather proposed that we look at replacing the current sign

Second by Jeff Brown


o   Parking facilities for Ballpark on Deepwood

Christina discussed the letter to Blair Blakeney (HRM), he will look at site and look to see where they can put extra parking. 


o   Update on Hammonds Plains Road concerns (street lighting, Northwood Intersection, maintenance)

Christina – North West Community Council asking them to address issues

Deferred until March

Mat Wynott - looked into rumour of old flashing light over Northwood – the province records show there was never a light there. 

Christina –mentioned GHPCA taskforce and discussions with HRM

Olaf – mentioned Rockcliffe has same problem and needs to be recognized, its dark and no room to stand and wait for the bus.

Christina mentioned the GHPCA have asked for turning lane

Cllr. Lund – discussed traffic authority survey results

·         Existing street lights have been upgraded

·         Several new poles will be installed at Rockcliffe, Northwood and Yankee town Road. 

Christina – mentioned there were no new poles at Grant Line Road

Cllr. Lund – Hammonds Plains Road is 2 feet narrower than Provincial standard.

Cllr. Lund. Metro Transit just completed survey results not out yet (safety etc).

Rob Petch – discussed an informal look at transit in our area based on other areas with Community Centers.  We are only area with two centers and limited transit service.  There is no way for teenagers to get out of subdivision – by transit.  We do not have weekend service.

He stated that HRM has to stop looking at profitably in terms of dollars but instead in quality of life.

Cllr. Lund Metro Transit is trying to cut community transit.  However the Councillors of the various areas were able to stop the cuts.

General Discussion around why we pay the bus tax but we don’t have the service.  Heather Perks asked what we can do to support Councillor Lund in efforts to get better service.  He suggested we take our issues to Christina who in turn should take them to North West Regional Council and eventual review by city staff. 


o   Communicating with our residents Email distribution list.  We need to expand this.  Do residents wish to have at least one paper copy of a newsletter (annual newsletter) , bulletin board

Christina mentioned no one wants to give out their email addresses perhaps for fear of getting spam and that we need to get hard copy out to residents once a year. 


o   Burning Issues

Christina discussed by-law regarding burning.  There can be no burning within 75 feet of building.  After Kingswood fire things came to fore front, hurricane Juan.   


·         New business

o   Introduction of the Greater Hammonds Plains Communities Association (GHPCA) Hammonds Plains Area rate

o   Charles P. Allen enhancements and how or if there will be an area rate for Highland Park residents

o   Water Quality

4 houses with high uranium, who to have Reverse Osmosis Systems put in – how do we handle this? 

Cllr Lund stated that Federal rules dictate water quality levels, acceptable levels have been lowered.

Mat Whynott told us the Province has done water quality study. 

We will put the information on the web site.

Discussion about water table level going down in the subdivision and information re uranium - perhaps we need Halifax water?  Cllr Lund – discussed priorities of the water commissions.


·         Additional Business

·         Adjournment

o   4:55pm

Minutes from AGM January 2010


Highland Park Rate Payers Association Annual General Meeting

Date:January 17th, 2010
Time:Meeting commenced 7:05 pm
Location:Tantallon Library
Attendees:Christina Parker – Chair
Heather Perks – Past Chair
Heidie Firth – Secretary
George Lyons
Pamela Craig
Robert Petch
Jeff Mills
Stephanie Adams
Patrick Doyle

Christina welcomed group directors and began discussion regarding Association Committees Committees Five Committees in total were formed with a Director chosen to champion each.

Annual General Meeting was adjourned at 15:00 pm

  1. Timberlane Trail Committee, Champion Heather Perks, Stephanie Adams assisting. This committee will be looking into the various potential usages of the plot of land own by the Association on Timberland Trail (West side Highland Park). First order of business for the committee will be to investigate the deed transfer to the Association. The committee will also seek opinion recreational usage of the land by Highland Park Residents.
  2. Events Committee, Champion Patrick Doyle, Heidie Firth assisting. This committee will look into and coordinate special Highland Park Community events. First order of business is to discuss the viability of previous events such as the Children’s Fun Day and scope out other potential future events.
  3. Highland Park Spring Clean Up, Champion Rhonda and Jeff Brown, along with their daughter who is completing various items for a Girl Guide Badge. First order of business is to determine a date and contact the city for supplies.
  4. Garden/Plant Sale – Community Yard Sale Committee. Champion Christina Parker, Heather Perks Assisting. First order of business is to determine date for the event.
  5. Safety Committee. Champion Christina Parker, assisting Robert Petch and Pamela Craig. Christina has a list of safety concerns she continues to bring to our elected officials including
    1. Reduced speed limit on Hammonds Plains Road
    2. Traffic lights for Northwood and Hammonds Plains Road
    3. Cross Walks at all bus stops on Hammonds Plain Road
    4. Street lighting between Westwood subdivision and Kingswood subdivision on Hammonds Plains Road. Christina is working with various resident’s associations in the area regarding the dangers posed from the speed and traffic on the Hammonds Plains Road. The requirement for this effort was highlighted March 23 when a serious accident at Northwood and Hammonds Plains closed the road for several hours.



Open Burning with Permit
The chair has received several phone calls from resident regarding open and unattended pit fires in the subdivision. Given that open burning is covered by municipal by-law the Directors will contact HRM by-law enforcement with the concerns. As well a letter, stating the concerns will be sent to the Chief of the Hammonds Plains Fire Department.

Parking Issues at the Ballpark (Eastside Highland Park)
Concerns have been expressed regarding the lack of parking available at the ballpark. Several solutions were discussed however the committee determined the HRM need to be involved. Christina will follow-up with HRM

There are several issues with the web site including ease of updating, usage and exposure via internet search engines. Heidie and Christina will be meeting with the site designer to see if some of our concerns can be mitigated and look at alternatives should the need arise.

Doggie Doo
Residents are reminded that picking up after your dog is the law in the HRM. Some areas of the park is littered with the unwelcome waste. The committee has also received complaints regarding the off-leash dog park on Deepwood (Eastside Highland Park). Off-leash privileges can be removed from these HRM sanctioned areas. Committee discussed various options. No action item however was created for this. Follow-up next meeting.

Keeping Highland Park clean
Directors were asked to keep an eye on the various recreational areas within the park and reminded to call HRM when things like lawn mowing and garbage collection were not being done consistently. Areas include:

  • Thompson’s Pond recreational area
  • All Children’s play grounds
  • All Tennis Courts
  • Cox’s Lake recreational area

Residents and directors are reminded that HRM is responsible for the care and up-keep of these areas and may HRM at 490-4000 when issues arise.

Hammonds Plains Historical Committee Christina informed the group that a Hammonds Plains Historical Society is being formed. Anyone interested in finding out more about the group may contact Christina for details.

Meeting concluded at 8:40


Minutes of AGM January 2008

January 18, 2009
Time:2:09 p.m.
Location:Tantallon Library
Attendees:Heather Perks, Chairperson
George Lyons, Treasurer
Tammy Rent, Secretary
Jeff Brown, Rhonda Brown, June Ross, Colleen Roy, Robert Sager, Jennifer Fraser, Nadine Tanner, Douglas Tanner, Mike Beighaus, John Marshall (Past Chairperson), Christina Parker, Sean Parker
Proxies From:Eugene Fraser, Stephanie Adams, Todd Adams, Stephanie Comeau, Jason Beaver, Bill Ross, Linda Marshall, June Close, Doug Close, Heidie Firth
Guests:Peter Lund, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Councillor
  1. The meeting was called to order at 2:09 p.m.
  2. No additions were added to the agenda.
    Chairperson, Heather Perks, introduced our new councillor, Peter Lund, and thanked him for being present at our AGM.
  3. There were no errors or omissions from the last minutes. They were moved for approval by Sean Parker, seconded by Jeff Brown. Approved.
  4. A review of the current list of directors was made. Current directors include Jeff Brown, Kevin Collins, Heidie Firth, Stephanie Adams, Tammy Rent, George Lyons, and Carl Lee.
  5. In addition, residents offering for directorship were Rhonda Brown and Frank Bellefontaine. Rhonda Brown was confirmed and added. There were no other nominations from the floor. Motion made by John Marshall to approve directors and seconded by Jeff Brown. Approved.
  6. Christina Parker offered to be Vice Chairperson. It was moved by Sean Parker and seconded by Tammy Rent that the nomination be accepted. Approved.
  7. George Lyons reviewed the Budget and Treasurer’s Report. Tammy Rent made a note that in the process of applying for an increase in the Area Rate, it was discovered that some lots had been excluded from the Area Rate in error. Thus, this year’s budget should see an increase in the amount for the Area Rate received.
    George also mentioned the need for an auditor to review the Treasurer Reports. Jeff Brown will contact George Lyons regarding a resident on Southwood Rd. who may be able to accommodate this need.
  8. Heather Perks was approached by some local youths in the subdivision interested in forming a youth advisory committee to help the Highland Park Ratepayers’ Association in working within the community. It was recommended that the youths might want to start a Facebook page to get started, as well as seek an adult advisor to help them in various projects. Heather will contact the youths to let them know the directors approve of input. Deadline date suggested for end of September 2009.
  9. Projects completed in 2008:
    1. Bike Park: Jeff Brown reported that Halifax Regional Municipality would like to have an official opening for the new Bike Park on Leeward Ave. A gazebo is planned to be built for the site in the late spring. Advertising should be done for the Opening. Also, it was suggested that Nova Scotia Community College may be an option for getting the gazebo built. Andy Spence will donate trucking. Hefler’s will supply hemlock. Jeff would like to have the gazebo completed before the official Opening. Signage for the Bike Park is to be handled by Patsy MacDonald of HRM. In addition, a picnic table and garbage cans from Parks and Recreation can be added once the list is completed.
    2. Carmel Crescent Playground: The project needs a new contact person to handle the project. Hydro seeding was recommended for the Carmel site as it was very successful in the Bike Park. Heather Perks will try to find a contact by the end of February 2009.
    3. Thompson’s Pond: The dock has been repaired. Ice skaters are currently using the pond. Christina Parker will contact Heather Perks to help try to keep the website updated with Safety issues for ice skaters of the pond.
    4. Paving: In the Summer of 2008, many subdivision roads were paved. Currently, there is no plan to push a road through Paula Drive to Rising Sun Trail. Peter Lund will look into this and contact Heather Perks by the end of February.
    5. Signs: The granite entrance sign at Rockcliffe Crescent has been repaired. Jeff Brown was thanked by Heather for helping with getting the sign repaired and re-
      mounted. New usage signs are at the tennis courts and Thompson’s Pond, along with new chain and lock at the entrance. Caution sign installed at Cox’s Lake.
    6. Website: It is online and running. Jeff Brown recommended that we place a www.highlandpark.ca sign on top of the granite entrance signs to Highland Park to keep residents aware of their first contact source for Highland Park news.
    7. Multi-Purpose Field Sign: A new sign will be installed by the end of May at the Field only. Holly Lapierre is responsible for the sign.
    8. Area Rate Increase: Tammy Rent reported that the responses received were favourable for an increase to help fund improvements, however, many lot owners felt the amount being requested was too much. The final outcome was a rejection of the proposal 190 to 82.
  10. There is a lot on Timberlane Terrace that has been upgraded for recreation use. A walking trail could be developed. Kevin Warner will have the land officially transferred. There is a total of 4 acres. Councillor Lund informed us HRM could develop a communication committee to help determine how the land could be used. Christina Parker and Nadine Turner will form a committee to plan for use of the land. Additional funds may be accessed through Nova Scotia Power and the Cobequid Health Authority. Heather Perks and Tammy Rent will help in making applications for funding.
    The need for a dry hydrant was mentioned for the west side of Highland Park. Heather will look into this by the end of March 2009.
  11. Discussion of Recreation/Community Events for 2009:
    1. Official Opening of the Bike Park: a Bar-B-Que could be held at the same time.
    2. Fun Day: It may have to be changed. Perhaps doing Clean-up Day and Fun Day on the same date will generate more interest in people helping with the Clean-up Day. Perhaps Canada Day would be a good time to hold this in conjunction with the official Bike Park Opening.
    3. Clean-up date: Heather Perks and Tammy Rent will look into the possibility of having Cub Scouts and Girl Guides in the community help out, if a badge is available. Suggested deadline: end of May 2009.
    4. Community Yard Sale: deferred.
    5. Skate/Pizza Party: Perhaps this could be held at Thompson’s Pond.
    6. Fireworks: deferred to a directors meeting.
    7. Cox’s Lake: Project of a multi purpose area deferred to next year.
    8. St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce – Dale Halliday has resigned as the designated member. Meetings are once/month. A new rep is needed. Deferred to next directors meeting.
  12. Safety Concerns were brought up by Christina Parker regarding the lack of safety on the Hammonds Plains Road bordering Highland Park. She mentioned she has contacted HRM several times regarding street lights, speed limits, and a traffic light. Tammy Rent
    discussed that she was in contact with Pat Doyle of the HRM Traffic Department. A recording device was used in the summer of 2008 to give an idea of how much a traffic light would be warranted for the Northwood-Hammonds Plains Road intersection. Pat reported it scored only 60/100, which is not enough to move forward with a traffic light. Also, there was concern regarding the bus stop area. It does not seem adequate, especially for the winter season. It was asked of Peter Lund if a bus stop could be built there. Christina Parker and Peter Lund will look into further option to address the safety concerns.
  13. New Business: Our new councillor in District 23 is Peter Lund. He can be reached at 497-7508 or peter.lund@halifax.ca . In addition, he is currently working on a website: www.peterlund.ca
  14. Next Meeting to be held in January 2010.
  15. Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.