Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


2019 Minutes

Highland Park AGM

May 22, 2019 6:00 PM


Introducing our Ratepayers Board Members:

Marion Gillespie - Chair
Jenny Saulnier
Jo Anne Worden
Pamela Craig
Tricia Murray-d’Eon


Review of progress:

  1. Development of park on Timberlane Terrace:

There is 4 acres on Timberlane Terrace. We have been working with HRM and a project manager to develop a concept of the park. It’s currently being estimated at about $100,000 dollars and we currently have $75,000 to put towards it but plan to try and adjust plans to meet our budget. The first step is the Culvert being put in for access on foot. They will be clearing trees to form a path and then connecting to the existing grant line road within the 4 acre parcel. Development will start this summer. We are excited for this addition to our community.

2. Second Exit/Entrance:
We are continuing communication with HRM for a second exit. They have done some research and developed a report to go towards council with the Transportation Committee. This proposal was supposed to be ready for May 23rd to be presented at Council but has been postponed to go to council until June. We have also reached out to HRM Fire to do an evacuation plan for our neighbourhood.

All of our funds will be allocated to Timberlane Trail Development. There will be no community events this year.  Budget will be posted online.

2019 Highland Park Year in Review:

  • Community Yard Sale – June 1,2 & October 12,13
  • We will post and advertise on social media for the Yard Sales, which align with HRM Curbside Give Away Weekends, June 8,9 and October 19,20.


Municipal Matters - Matt Whitman

Did not attend due to previous commitment.


Provincial Matters – Ben Jessome
1. Road Work - Summer 2019 the bottom of Westwood and St Margaret’s bay Road will be widened.
Continued repairs to roof of Hammonds Plains Consolidated also in Summer 2019.
2. Childcare max subsidy income has more than doubled increasing from 30k to 70k.
3. Pre-Primary will be rolling out locally by 2020. Ben has requested that department reach out to local childcare providers to see about having a discussion of providing through licensed centres. He believes we have strong centres within the community who could be capable of providing such service with Government assistance with consideration concerning the lack of space within Hammonds Plains Consolidated.
4. The Health Committee for Bayers Lake Outpatient Centre have been meeting to talk about all the details on the services of the upcoming location and how to get this correct, which will be prioritized over rushing to get shovels into the ground. They are indicating that it has potential to break ground as early as Fall of 2020. Some detailed information of what services will be provided ‘on site’ are indicated on the link here: https://healthredevelopment.novascotia.ca/qe2/community-outpatient-centre
5. Work is also currently underway at Halifax Infirmary, and Dartmouth General. As well, a new OR has been added to Hants County Hospital.

Round Table
If residents have concerns with suspicious or illegal activity which is non-emergent they are encouraged to contact the on Emergency RCMP line:  902-490-5020

Meeting Adjourned 7:05  PM