Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


2018 Minutes
Highland Park AGM
February 26 , 2018

1.       Welcome

a.      Meeting called to order – Pamela Craig
Second – Carol Rowland

b.     Purpose of the AGM is to talk about developments and events within the community. All residents are welcomed and strongly encouraged to attend.

c.      Introduction of board members:
Pamela Craig – Treasurer
Jennifer Saulnier – Secretary and Events coordinator
Marion Gillespie – Co-Chair
Jo Anne Worden – Communications


2.       Board Members needed:

a.     We are currently seeking more residents to help run the ratepayers association. We are in need of your help in order to keep the association running. If this association dissolves we will lose all community funds back into HRM and the association will no longer exist. Which results in no further community development or events. Please help keep this running by considering volunteering a minimal amount of time for a position on our board. Any questions can be sent to us via email or social media communications.

b.       Review of progress on developing land on Timberlane Terrace:

                                             i.    4 acres on Timberlane which belongs to the community. Found people wanted community focus on trails/paths. In discussions with HRM we have been taken on as a pilot project with members from around sections of HRM who helped come up with ideas based on the land.

                                           ii.     HRM is keen to develop the entire package for us and then will  go to council. We as a community will need to decide from the suggestions from HRM.

                                         iii.     Information regarding why the dog park would not be permitted can be found at this link: file:///C:/Users/trici/Desktop/Highland%20Park%20RA/Proposal%20Timberlane/AO-2017-013-OP.pdf


3.     Budget--Please see website for budget details – www.highlandparknews.ca (Please note: Website is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience.)


4.       Highland Park Year in Review:

a.     Yard Sale Dates will be coordinated with Curbside give-away and will be an entire Hammonds Plains community coordinated event with the communities of Hammonds Plains.

b.      Neighborhood Clean up – May – Date to be determined and will be communicated

c.      Fun Day  - June 23

d.      Movie Night – September 8th


5.       Municipal Matters: Matt Whitman

a.      The Second Exit will be coming to council in April. Staff are reviewing concerns presented by residents.

b.      The RCMP non-emergency line to report speeding etc is 490-5020.
Chalamont will be torn up and repaved in 2018. This date once known will be communicated with residents.

c.       Sunnyview Terrace playground is on the list to be revamped this year (2018).


6.       Provincial Matters: Ben Jessome

a.      Ben is working on creating a community wide calendar for events for the community. Seeking promotion and participation for Hammonds Plains Heritage day as a community presence. If interested, please contact Ben Jessome’s office.

b.      Remembrance Day ceremony will be setting up a committee conformed of residents from each community to help with the yearly event. They are looking for volunteers to join this committee to help execute a great event.

c.       Ben is working to put together a ‘how to’ grant document with different programs and grants available that Community culture and heritage has to offer.

d.      TIR 5 year plans are online. https://novascotia.ca/tran/highways/5yearplan/highways-5-year-plan-2018-19.pdf


7.       Meeting Adjourned.