Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Park Maintenance Correspondence with HRM Following June Clean Up

Received from Sue, of HRM Maintenance, following the requests submitted by Heather, Chairperson, below: 


June 22, 2012

Hi Heather

Received your inquiry about maintenance of parks in District 23. It did take a few days to sift through all the items since each individual park and different concerns have to be sent to the correct people. Note I have sent your concerns to the appropriate parks staff for them to address. Also please note there were some issues that are not HRM parks issues. Here’s a brief summary of what I did.

Grass Mowing – created a separate request and sent to contractor responsible to address.

Playground issues – I created separate requests for the maintenance issues at the individual parks and passed them on to the Parks Supervisor of that area.

Sports Fields - – I created separate requests for the maintenance issues at the individual parks and passed them on to the Parks Supervisor of that area.

A couple of things to note in this area;

The bike park has been approved for maintenance. There is presently someone going around to all the bike parks to do maintenance on them this summer. Can’t give an exact date but according to supervisor is approved and will be happening.

Please note as well crews are presently going around to fix backboards, hoops, etc. Again they will get to the courts listed and make necessary repairs.

The steps to the scoreboard are not the responsibility of the HRM parks crews. It is the responsibility of the association in your area. You will need to contact them.

The fire hydrant marker is the responsibility of the Water Commission. I did call and talk to the receptionist who was going to pass it on. If you find it still down then please contact the water commission office closest to you.

I have passed along your concern for the no litter sign on Northwood Rd to the Traffic and Right of Way Dept. It is there decision whether or not signs can be placed on the street right of way.



June 19, 2012


Hello Heather,

Thank you for contacting the Halifax Regional Municipality. I have forwarded your concerns to our Municipal Operations staff under file number 5335897. Our staff will review your concerns and act accordingly.



Citizen Contact Centres

From: Heather Perks [heatherp@eastlink.ca]
Sent: June 19, 2012 6:06 PM
To: HRM, Contact
Subject: Request for Replacement and Maintenance of Areas and Items In Highland Park

Good Day

Our subdivision, Highland Park, in Hammonds Plains requires some attention to the following items that were observed during the Clean Clear Across Nova Scotia participation:

1. Carmel Crescent Playground-opposite resident number 248—has a broken tree that requires cutting down and removed, as well as old trees in the front ditch.

2. Sylvania Terrace Tennis/Basketball Court –past resident number 52- grass around the court needs trimming, new basketball nets, painted backboards and new hoops, tennis net and garbage removed.

3. Chalamont Playground—opposite resident number 28—the play house with slides requires one large post to be repaired for it is rotten and pieces of wood are now gone and the platform has rotten and missing boards. Both represent a safety hazard to children.

4. Sunnyview Playground has numerous weeds in the play gravel.

5. Cox’s Lake Park Land—Take Northwood Road (East), Left onto Pine Tree, Right onto Kingsway Road, Left onto Old Mill and Left onto Lakeview Terrace—on the water’s edge where a floating dock use to be are spikes sticking up which could cause a hazard if someone slipped and fell onto them

6.Thompson’s Pond Park –opposite number 43 on Westwind Drive—Rail road tie steps leading down from the road (near the dry hydrant) have rotten and are a hazard. Also, the Fire Hydrant Sign is lying off the road and needs to be re-placed near the Fire Hydrant.

7. Rising Sun Playground-on Rising Sun Trail—has graffiti on the play equipment which needs to be removed and is also rusty and needs repainting. The weeds are in the playground gravel.

8. Green Hill Tennis/Basketball Court—next to resident number 16 – there is not tennis court net and has a broken “wooden bench” with nails protruding which is a potential hazard. It was placed in the front of the court for easy removal.

9. Multipurpose Field—on Deepwood Drive—Steps going to the scoreboard have rotten and one is missing. Also the bleachers all need to be checked for there are missing and rotten/broken boards.

10. Bike Park –Leeward Drive- Grass and weeds have taken over the site. The site needs to be assessed for safety by HRM’s bike park specialists. To my knowledge, the design company was Shoreline:Dirtworks and Adam Shore was involved. Phone number from website 902.431.9327

11. Would a no litter sign be possible for the Northwood Road (West Side). There was a lot of beverage cups, plastic containers and even lobster shells left in the area.

Our Rate Payers Association greatly appreciates the effort that HRM staff plays in helping us keep our subdivision safe and clean.

Please, send reference numbers of the preceding requests directly to me, Heather Perks, Chairperson for the HPRPA.

We thank you for your time and patience.

Yours truly

Heather Perks, Chairperson


We have phoned HRM again about the basketball backboards, hoops and netting or lack there of for Sylvania and the reference number is 52988513. Also, put in a request to mow the grass at the Chalamont playground - reference number is 5298844 and the chain link fence that is listing and has a hole in it at one end -  reference number 5298847.


The garbage is overflowing at Sylvania so a request to clean up the container was put in.

Also, there is no tennis net on the tennis court on Sylvania and request to put one up went in today. There is also one to paint the basketball back boards, paint or replace the hoops and replace the nets.

The fence at Chalamont playground looks very nice.


Remember if there are other park areas that need attention it would be great if any resident would call in to HRM 490-4000, obtain a reference number and let us know through the web what has been requested and if no response within 10 business days then let us know and we can follow up