Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


HRM Candidates' Questionnaire Responses

The Greater Hammonds Plains Community Association (GHPCA) developed 3 separate questionnaires for the various candidates in the upcoming HRM Election (Councillor, Mayor and School Board), the School Board questionnair proved not to be necessary as only one candidate declared for that office.

Hopefully, the responses to the issues were raised will be of some assistance in helping you decide how to vote. GHPCA encourages every eligible voter to please exercise your right to vote. Four years ago our District had a very low turn out, less than 40%. The results were the closest in all of H.R.M., decided by the closest of margins with 3 candidates separated by only 200 votes.

Below please find the responses the G.H.P.C.A. received from the 3 candidates seeking to represent District 13 as Councillor:

Questions - Councillor (Responses).doc

Three of the declared Candidates for Mayor were able to respond to the Questionnaire. Because of the printing deadline for submissions given to us by one of the newspapers there may not have been the opportunity for all to respond. Candidates Connors, Martin and Savage made the deadline. See below:

Questions - Mayor (Responses).doc