Highland Park Ratepayers Association

Highland Park, Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia


Directors Meeting March 2009

March 30, 2009
Time:Start at 7:00 p.m.
Adjoined at 8:30 p.m.
Location:Tantallon Superstore Meeting Room

Heather Perks, Chairperson                                   
George Lyons, Treasurer
Tammy Rent, Secretary                                           
Kevin Collins
Stephanie Adams
Heidie Firth


Peter Lund, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Councillor


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
No additions were added to the agenda.

  1. Proposed Changes from the School Board – Stephanie Adams presented a summary from the “Imagine Our Schools – South Central Preliminary Options”, a consultant’s report to the Halifax Regional School Board.  It was discussed that it may be wise, if the whole sub-division of Highland Park was represented to voice an opinion to the consultant’s meetings.  The advantage could lead to a uniform decision as to where students living in Highland Park will attend school.  Currently, it may not be understood by consultants that both sides of the Hammonds Plains Road form the Highland Park sub-division.  In an effort to keep the Highland Park community united, it was moved by Stephanie and Adams and seconded by Kevin Collins that Highland Park Ratepayers Association support having one united opinion to relay back to the consultants through Stephanie Adams, School Designate.  Motion carried.
  2. t was suggested that an extra signing officer should be added to the Highland Park Ratepayer’s Association, mostly for convenience sake.  It was moved by Heather Perks and seconded by Tammy Rent that June Ross be added as an additional signing officer.  Motion carried.
  3. Fun Day – Although the 2008 Fun Day was successful, there was concern over the cost of the event.  It was suggested that the funding be scaled back to $2500 for 2009. A tentative date for 2009 was set for September 6th, with a rain date of September 7th.
  4. Park Clean-up
  5. A Yard Sale/Park Clean-up weekend date was set for May 23rd and 24th.  It was proposed that the Park Clean-up be held on Saturday, May 23rd and the Yard Sale date is on May 24th.  George Lyons has volunteered to place Sandwich Board at the Park’s entrances off the Hammonds Plains Road for advertising.
  6. Bike Park Opening- the Community College is helping build the gazebo for the Bike Park.  There is no news on an Opening date.
  7. Auditor Required – Heidie Firth will get back to Heather on a possible candidate to audit the HPRA’s financial statements.
  8. Timberlane Terrance Update – a new deed is needed to confirm the ownership of the property.  Volunteers will be needed to set up plans for the use of the land.  Current proposals of a walking/cross country trail appear most popular.
Additional Discussion: 

Carmel Crescent Playground has tenders passed for roughing out of the basic playground.  Work will be done in July.

Councillor Lund made a follow up from our last meeting that snow removal off Thompson’s Pond can not be done through the HRM.